Gemstones capture the beauty of Nature’s rainbow colors and carry a special vibration that benefits you, the wearer. Enhance your own beauty, health and well-being as you enjoy these gifts of Nature…

Amethyst Beaded

Amethyst Beaded: 22” beaded amethyst necklace with amethyst rounds and faceted rondells, hand carved vintage melon beads, fresh water pearls, faceted quartz, sterling silver beads and clasp.Learn more about amethysts.

  • 22” beaded amethyst
  • amethyst beads
  • sterling silver beads
  • freshwater pearls
  • faceted quartz
  • sterling silver clasp

Price: $175  

Cool Blue Aquamarine

Cool Blue Aquamarine: 21″ necklace with aquamarine rounds and square nuggets, faceted quartz rounds, vintage glass bicone crystals, metal beads and clasp.

  •  21″ necklace
  • blue aquamarine 12-15mm roundbeads
  • square nuggets
  • faceted quartz rounds
  • vintage glass bicone beads
  • metal beads, clasp

Price: $75  


Aquamarine Beaded w/Abalone Focal Piece: The soft green and peach tones of this unusual focal piece made of laminated and polished abalone outer shell compliments the soft sea green of the aquamarine.

  • 18”beaded necklace
  • sea-green aquamarine beads
  • faceted quartz ovals
  • polished abalone shell focal piece
  • faceted quartz ovals
  • vintage crystal bicones
  • moonstone beads
  • silver beads
  • metal spacers
  • sterling silver clasp
  • lots of aquamarine and quartz dangles

Price: $225  

Abalone Fan

Abalone Fan: This 18″ necklace balances the pearly iridescence of  abalone with the soft sea green aquamarine and jade, and highlights of silver spacers and sterling silver clasp.

  • 18″ necklace
  • abalone
  • aquamarine
  • jade
  • silver spacers
  • sterling silver clasp

Price: $175  

Jade Cross

Jade Cross Beaded Necklace with Jade Cross Pendant: Pale green carved jade cross pendant and soft white to green jade beads combine to give this elegant 17” beaded necklace a soft and serene feeling.

  • 17” beaded necklace
  • white to green jade beads
  • moonstone beads
  • freshwater pearls
  • carved jade pendant
  • faceted quartz
  • green garnet beads
  • metal spacers
  • sterling silver clasp

Price: $95  

Seascape Necklace

Seascape Multistrand Necklace: The beauty of this 24” multistrand necklace of aquamarine, abalone and mother of pearl with mixed gemstones cannot be accurately conveyed by any photograph…Iridescent abalone, soft, sea green aquamarine, shimmer of mother of pearl and flashes of reflected light from faceted quartz crystals with silver accents and sterling clasp all blend together in a gentle eye-catching cascade.

  • 24” multistrand necklace
  • aquamarine beads
  • faceted quartz
  • freshwater pearls
  • mother of pearl nuggets
  • abalone beads
  • sterling silver spacers, clasp, and textured jump rings,
  • silver beads
  • silver wire connectors

Price: $175  

Chunky Labradorite

Chunky Labradorite Beaded Necklace: Subtle and soft grey-blue Labradorite comes alive in sunlight with flashes of blue and yellow fire. Wear this 18” beaded necklace next to the skin to increase the beauty and give you the greatest benefit of this mystical and protective stone. This is one of my all time favorites to wear.

  • 18″ beaded necklace
  • natural Labradorite chunks
  • Sterling silver toggle clasp

Price: $65 

Labradorite Beaded

Labradorite Beaded Necklace with Polished Focal PieceSoft grey-blue Labradorite nuggets and sterling silver beads and clasp set off this gorgeous Labradorite focal piece sending out flashes of blue fire to delight the senses and increase your intuition. Wear this 20” necklace for protection and notice your increased intuition as well.

  • 20″ necklace
  • polished Labradorite beads
  • sterling silver beads and spacers
  • 1/2” x 1” polished Labradorite focal piece
  • sterling toggle clasp

Price: $135  

Turquoise/Vintage Silver

Turquoise and Vintage Silver Beaded Necklace: Experience the calming and strengthening influence of this 28” full length American turquoise necklace with vintage silver beads and sterling silver clasp.

  • 28” beaded necklace
  • turquoise beads
  • Vintage silver beads
  • sterling silver clasp

Price: $225  

Chrysoprase Beaded

Chrysoprase Beaded Necklace with Decorative Brass Wire: Emerald green Chrysoprase 20” 2-strand beaded necklace with decorative brass wirework and complimentary brass toggle clasp from Saki Silver.

  • 20” beaded necklace
  • Chrysoprase beads
  • Chrysoprase slab focal piece
  • brass wire work
  • Saki Silver bronze clasp

Price: $125  

Amethyst & Pearl Twist

Amethyst and Pearl Twist Beaded Necklace: Enjoy the serene and tranquil feeling when you wear this 17” twisted three- strand pearl and amethyst necklace. Subtle lavender-grey and iridescent white freshwater pearls contrast with the sparkle of faceted purple amethyst. Matching bracelet available.

  • 17″ beaded necklace
  • white and lavender freshwater pearls
  • amethyst beads
  • Sterling silver lock clasp

Price: $155  

Lemon Twist Pearl

Lemon Twist Pearl and Lemon Quartz Beaded NecklaceLemon quartz is a spectrum of Smoky quartz and is a strong grounding and protective stone. Wear this 18.5” 4-strand beaded necklace combining the tranquility of pearls with the natural calming effect of the faceted lemon quartz for a stress-free day. Matching…

  • 18.5” four-strand beaded necklace
  • freshwater pearls
  • faceted lemon quartz
  • sterling silver slide lock clasp
  • silver beads

Price: $170