These Tribal beads are made from shell, bone, coral, ceramic, glass and metal. They are easy and fun to wear, casual and comfortable interchangeable with jeans or dress up.

What I love about these ethnic beads are their hand made look: the small imperfections and the slight variations lend a vibrant quality that is missing from machine made beads. They blend beautifully with gemstones for unique combinations of texture and color. Add in some metal findings for accent and they come alive! I receive more compliments on my Tribal necklaces than any other!

Tribal Beads are produced in ethnic communities throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many have been used in traditional jewelry and body adornments for centuries. Learn more:

Kazuri Green

Kazuri Green African: 19” beaded African necklace includes Kazuri handmade ceramic beads, powder glass round beads, Krobo hand decorated glass beads and glass discs from Ghana. Easy to wear with either casual jeans or dress up. My personal favorite.

  • 19” beaded necklace
  • striped batik bone
  • Kazuri ceramic round beads
  • Powder glass and Krobo glass beads
  • glass discs
  • onyx beads
  • brass findings and clasp

Price: $75  

Kazuri Yellow

Kazuri Yellow African: 19.5” yellow African beaded necklace with stone beads, handmade African ceramic and glass beads, onyx beads and brass findings and clasp. Features yellow ceramic Kazuri “pitapat” beaded pendant.

  •  19.5″ beaded necklace
  • Pendant Kazuri “pitapat” 2.5″ pendant
  • Yellow stone beads
  • Kazuri beads
  • glass discs
  • Ashanti glass discs
  • Krobo glass beads
  • onyx beads
  • Brass findings and clasp

Price: $65  

Kuzuri Red

Kazuri Red African Beaded Necklace w/Pendant: 19.5″ red African beaded necklace features “pitapat” pendant, and Kazuri handmade ceramic rounds and melons, Krobo painted glass beads, glass disc beads and onyx beads with contemporary brass findings and clasp. The bright red beads give this beaded necklace an uplifting and energizing feel.

  • 19.5″ beaded necklace
  • 1.5″ pendant
  • Antique brass bicones
  • Krobo glass beads
  • glass disc beads
  • onyx beads
  • Brass findings and clasp

Price: $65  

Kazuri Black and White

Kazuri Black and White African Beaded Necklace: 20.5” beaded African necklace features stripped B&W batik bone and Kazuri handmade black ceramic beads with Tibetan conch discs and Ostrich shell heishi.

  • 20.5″ beaded necklace
  • Kazuri handmade ceramic beads
  • Batik bone beads
  • Tibetan conch shell discs and beads
  • Bone beads
  • ostrich shell heishi
  • onyx beads
  • brass findings and toggle clasp

Price: $55  

Batik Bone/Carnelian

Batik Bone and Carnelian African Beaded Necklace: I receive more compliments on this 18″ batik bone traditional design necklace with antique carnelian hand-carved melon beads, Dz beads, shell and onyx. My most popular item.

  • 18” beaded necklace
  • antique carnelian hand carved melon beads
  • carnelian beads
  • dZ beads
  • conch shell beads
  • onyx beads metal beads, spacers and toggle clasp

Price: $85  

Striped Batik Bone

Striped African Batik Bone Beaded Necklace: This substantial 19” African beaded necklace is a more masculine version combining the striped design batik bone with the heavier Tibetan conch shell, white bone and brass findings. Great gift for the man in your life.

  • 19″ necklace
  • Tibetan conch shell beads
  • striped batik bone beads
  • white bone beads
  • brass beads and spacers
  • brass toggle clasp

Price: $65  

Batik Bone 25

Striped African Batik Bone Beaded Necklace 25 (Black Cord): Wear this 25″ light-weight necklace with both casual jeans and more formal attire. Striped Batik Bone beads with copper findings and black leather cord are suitable for all seasons and occasions. Men check these out for a masculine version of chic!

  • 25″ beaded necklace
  • striped batik bone beads
  • copper beads and cones
  • black leather cord
  • copper toggle clasp

Price: $45  

Batik Bone Salmander

African Batik Bone Beaded Necklace with Salamander Pendant: This 19” African batik bone beaded necklace with conch shell beads and Tibetan brass-capped conch shell beads features a carved bone salamander pendant.

  • 19” beaded necklace
  • batik bone beads circle design
  • conch shell discs and round beads
  • bone beads
  • antique Yoruba brass beads
  • brass-capped Tibetan conch shell beads
  • brass spacers and toggle clasp
  • salamander bone pendant

Price: $110  

Copal Amber/Opal

Copal Amber/Opal Beaded Necklace with Silver-capped Tibetan Beads:

  • 19″ beaded necklace
  • silver-capped Tibetan focal bead
  • vintage silver-capped copal
  • genuine vintage copal barrels
  • opal beads
  • African silver bicones
  • vintage silver beads
  • metals spacers
  • sterling silver hook and eye clasp

Price: $175  

African Brown Bone

African Brown Bone Beaded Necklace with Gemstones: This 18″ African beaded necklace combines dyed brown bone beads with gemstones including yellow jade, Tiger’s eye, yellow fluorite, yellow opal And antique brass bicones for an unusual look.

  • 18″ beaded necklace
  • African dyed bone beads
  • yellow jade
  • tiger’s eye
  • yellow fluorite
  • yellow opal
  • bone beads
  • coco heishi
  • antique brass bicones
  • brass spacers and clasp

Price: $75