All of these pieces include beads, old pins or jewelry components that were made in an earlier time and are no longer being made. They are pieces from my own collection, things acquired from relatives or  purchased in “antique” stores. I have combined these with contemporary beads and other modern components as the fancy strikes me. May you enjoy what you see!

Amber Glass

Vintage Amber Glass Beaded Necklace: This beading adventure started when I acquired a vintage amber glass pin in a local thrift shop and a broken strand of vintage amber glass beads found in a relatives’ jewelry box. Many strands of pearls later, gathered from a local bead store, the final results are this 28″ 4-strand stunner, my first multi-strand project.

  • 28” beaded amethyst
  • 4-strand
  • vintage amber glass focal piece
  • vintage amber glass beads
  • freshwater pearls
  • metal bead and spacers
  • metal cones and clasp

Price: $350 

Cinnabar Floral

Vintage Cinnabar Beaded Necklace with Carved Floral Design: This 26” beaded necklace combines contemporary coral reds with turquoise blue-greens with carved cinnabar beads and metal filigree beads in an asymmetrical design featuring a vintage cinnabar pin with carved floral design. Matching post earrings (1” diameter) made from old Chinese buttons are also available.

  •  26″ necklace
  • coral beads
  • turquoise beads
  • imitation cinnabar beads
  • metal filigree beads
  • metal bead caps, clasp and cones

Price: $175  

Cinnabar Chinese

Vintage Cinnabar Beaded Necklace ‘Longevity’: This 21” beaded necklace features vintage cinnabar focal piece carved with Chinese characters with matching button close and post earrings.

  • 21″ beaded necklace
  • American and African turquoise beads
  • imitation cinnabar beads
  • coral beads
  • metal filigree beads
  • metal findings
  • button close clasp
  • matching post earrings
  • metal spacers

Price: $175  [wp_cart_b
‘utton name=”Vintage Cinnabar Beaded Necklace ‘Longevity’:21-inch Necklace” price=”175.00″]’

Ivory Carved Pendant

Genuine Antique Ivory Carved Pendant with Matching Earrings: This genuine antique ivory carved floral design pendant with comes with matching post earrings and an adjustable cotton cord. Oval pendant measures 2.25″ (l) and 1.5″ (w). Post earrings measure 1.5” x ¾” w.

  • genuine antique ivory carved pendant
  • adjustable cotton cord
  • matching earrings

Price: $140  

Antique Carnelian

Antique Carnelian Beaded Necklace with Vintage Silver-capped Tibetan Carnelian Beads:

  • 32″ beaded necklace
  • hand carved, graduated vintage carnelian beads
  • hand carved vintage carnelian melon beads
  • vintage Tibetan silver capped carnelian beads
  • sterling silver clasp
  • silver spacer beads

Price: $600  

Meso-American Artifacts

Beaded Necklace with 500 Year Old Meso-American Artifacts: This 22.5” beaded necklace features 500-year-old clay beads and spindle whorls purchased in a Mexico City Museum in the 1980’s. They are combined with vintage silver-capped Tibetan carnelian and hand-carved carnelian melons and oval beads, contemporary carnelian beads, sterling silver cones and toggle clasp on black leather cord. Pendant features clay spindle whorl and measures 2.5”.

  • 22.5” beaded necklace
  • 500-year-old meso-American clay beads and spindle whorls
  • vintage silver-capped Tibetan carnelian beads
  • hand carved vintage carnelian melons
  • carnelian beads
  • African silver bicones
  • sterling silver claps and cones
  • leather cord

Price: $400